The Baby Element Clinic, Wilmslow Breastfeeding Support and more

If you are looking for an expert who can cover pregnancy, birth and parenting, choose your options below

before your birth

Antenatal Sessions – tailored to your preferences for birth.
If you’re looking for expertise and experience to help you build birth plans for home, hospital, birth centre, or caesarean, as a Doula and experienced coach, Nikki can help you discover more about what will happen during birth and the hours afterwards as you snuggle you new baby.

Antenatal Feeding Workshop
This workshop is ideal for families who wish to know more about their choices, what to expect when baby arrives, feeding positions and your options around expressing or combination feeding.

Looking for a different experience?
Debrief of previous experiences is included in any of the Antenatal workshops and is an important part of your experience as you journey into parenthood. Get in touch to talk about your options and build a package suitable for you needs.

Home or Clinic Consultation
Your family may live further afield and need a online feeding support session, or you would prefer a home  consultation for breastfeeding support, bottle feeding support or workshop.
Take a look at the options available and get in touch if you would like to tailor a package of both Home and Wilmslow Clinic or Stockton Heath Clinic sessions. 

the baby days

Full Assessment – for breastfeeding & bottle feeding*
An Initial Assessment is ideal for families who want to get feeding off to a good start, or have some challenges to unpick and find a way for feeding to be optimised. A full consultation regarding feeding includes a weight and wellbeing check, tongue tie assessment and troubleshooting for challenges you face.

SOS Feeding Sessions
These are shorter sessions to help with short term issues. Choose this option if you just need a little help with positioning, different ways of feeding your baby or you have some practical questions about pumping. 

Reflux, Colic, Wind & Allergies
This intensive support package is split into 2 sessions with 7 day-access to Whatsapp support whilst a plan of action is put in place for the challenges you and your baby have encountered so far. It includes a full consultation and follow up session after 1 week.

The Sleep Element
This option offers a 90-minute consultation PLUS a package of 7 days remote support to optimise your family’s experience. This can be prebooked in pregnancy or once baby arrives during the early weeks and months of parenting. You will discover how to optimise sleep based on full review of your baby’s current patterns of sleep, activity, and feeding. 

*Some babies need additional support for feeding on a temporary or longer term basis. This may mean other methods of feeding are also required. You will find support for cup feeding, syringe or finger feeding, and NG tube feeding as well as moving away from these additional support methods. Please get in touch with Nikki if you would like to chat about your options.

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