Breast & Bottle Feeding challenges

Optimise and troubleshoot any feeding challenges your family encounters after baby arrives.

  • Rapid access SOS sessions for latch, pumping and challenges like blocked ducts or mastitis
  • Comprehensive feeding assessments 
  • Oral function assessments, troubleshooting & rehab
  • Longer term packages available for ongoing support

Initial Consultation - Breast & Bottle Feeding

Who is this session for?
Families & their babies who may be unsettled & fussy, are finding feeding challenging with positioning on breast or bottle, sore nipples or supply issues.

Initial Consultation for Infant Feeding Assessment with infant feeding plan and support. 

Support is offered for you when you are facing challenges with:
Bottle Feeding
Combination or Mixed Feeding with different methods

Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction Assessment

Initial Consultation for Tongue Tie Assessment & Oral Function. This session includes a comprehensive review, assessment, and infant feeding plan. 

Breast or Bottle or Combined Feeding upto 12 months. 

This option includes:

  • 1 hour visit to assess challenges and discover potential solutions 
  • Includes tongue tie & functional assessment relating to feeding & sleep 
  • 3 days remote support via WhatsApp 
  • Infant Feeding plan
  • 20 minute follow up 1 week after

Reflux, Colic, Wind & Allergy

Who is this session for?
Babies experiencing excessive air intake, gulping, clicking and gassiness
Babies with symptoms of reflux including crying, unsettled periods, vomiting, regular posseting, weight issues (both low gain and excessive gain)

Has your infant feeding journey been challenging? Work through the issues with Nikki and develop a plan together which suits your family’s needs. 


  • A pre-visit assessment of yours and baby’s history
  • 1 hour in person visit 
  • A tailored plan for your family 
  • 7 days remote support after consultation 
  • 30 minute Zoom call in the 1st week

Practical Parenting
Worrying about how to hold, feed, burp, change and what to dress your baby in? Come along to this fun and informative 90 minute session where you will discover new skills to boost confidence in the early days. 

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