weaning workshops & solid food challenges from 6 months to toddlerhood

Optimise your baby’s weaning experience and troubleshoot any feeding challenges your family encounters after 6 months to toddlerhood.

  • Weaning onto solid food
  • Transitioning away from milk feeds
  • Meal time challenges from weaning to toddlerhood 
  • Nursery & childcare transition & solid food

Weaning workshop

Who is this session for?
Families & their babies who are around 5-6 months and looking at introducing solid food.

This weaning workshop is a practical session to support the introduction solid food to your baby’s diet.


  • Pre-assessment of baby’s current feeding patterns
  • 1 hour practical session at your home or in clinic
  • First week plan for introducing solid food 
  • Daily follow up via WhatsApp for first week & ongoing meal prep plan for 1st month on final day.


Toddlers & Food

Who is this consultation for?
Families with babies and older children up to around 2 years discuss toddler challenges with food and diet, constipation, CMPA, reflux and more.


  • Pre-assessment of your toddler’s current feeding patterns.
  • A 1 hour session in Wilmslow Clinic or on Zoom to discuss your history from birth until now.
  • A 7 day plan to work through challenges including nursery/childcare settings.
  • Follow up via WhatsApp for first week & the option to add follow up session if required.
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